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A Prayer and a Bag of Peas!

Posted on Jul 13, 2014 by in Breast Feeding, First Baby | 0 comments


Oh, the joys of motherhood with a teething baby! Tonight Mister Lyle was a bit on the fussy side, and you could tell little man was not feeling the best. His cheeks were flushed and his eyes were watery. :/ As I was cooking dinner he was sitting in his Bumbo, fussing one minute and laughing the next. I put a little whiskey on his gums, and gave him his toy. About 10 minutes later we are fussing again, I am trying to get dinner cooked, and little man is just not having it! I pulled out the frozen peas that I was going to make with dinner and set them on the counter just out of his reach. He was reaching with all his might to grab that bag of peas, even grunting! He finally got to them and of course they go right into the mouth and he is happy for about 5 minutes. I find myself getting frantic trying to get dinner done so I can pick up my sweet boy and comfort him. I decided to stop and pick him up give him a little liquid love and then say a prayer. I gave him a kiss and placed him on his play mat and give him the bag of peas to gnaw on and what do you know he fussed for about 3 minutes, and then passed out with the bag of peas hanging out of his mouth! I was able to finish dinner AND eat a hot meal with my best friend AKA the hubs! So if you’re having a rough day or having a hard time getting something done with a teething baby try a prayer and a bag of frozen peas!