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Little Brother, Big Sister

Posted on Jul 8, 2014 by in Blended Family | 0 comments


So, if you have read my story you know that I have a blended family. Lyle, my 5 month old, has two siblings:bhis big sis Emily and his big bro Jacob! Emily is all about her baby brother. She like to do everything with him and is a great helper! Now Jacob on the other hand is different. He loves baby brother but really would rather be playing with cars than doing anything with the boy. Its funny how different girls and boys react to a new brother or sister. The older two are only a year apart but are so different in every way. Emily is more independent, where Jacob is more interested in someone doing things with him. Now that Lyle is here, Jacob is the middle child and we have had some behavioral issues. This is to be expected and we are trying to make him feel as equal as possible and do special things with him to help ease the transition from the baby of the family to the middle child! But as far as love goes they all know we love them with all our hearts and they all love us just as much. You have to find that happy medium and stick with it! We are still working on that, but we try everyday to bring a blended family and new marriage into one unit, and no one gets left behind. Tell me some of your ideas on how to transition a child from the baby to the middle child. I’d love to hear what you think was effective, and what really wasn’t helpful.