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How To Survive When Your Boobies Hurt!

Posted on Jul 16, 2014 by in Breast Feeding, Crunchy Ideas, First Baby | 0 comments


So your pregnant and are planning to breast feeding…thats awesome!

Congratulations, you are about to set off on a painful & frustrating (at first) but incredibly rewarding journey! Once the baby has come and you start to get soar cracked nipples it can get really painful to feed your little one! I have been there, experienced the struggle, and hope I can give you some advice and encouragement so you can do the same!

The first two weeks were definitely the hardest for me! Not only did I have cracked & bleeding nipples from a my son learning how to latch, but I also had bronchitis. Talk about wanting to throw in the towel and just give up! If it were not for all the support and encouragement and support I was given from those around me.

The Lesson: Learning how to get your little bundle of joy to latch correctly changed my world and it will definitely change yours. So don’t give up! Find some who loves you and encourage them to be brave and push you to hang in there! If it was not for my hubs calling his mom at 3 in the morning (despite my severe disapproval) to ask her what to do about how much pain I was in (because my breast were engorged), I would have ended up with mastasis or a clogged duct…boobie constipation, OUCH! But, without the help of all the loved ones around me really pushed me to fight through the pain, the sleep deprivation, the frustration that leads to moms questioning what’s wrong with themselves, and having a baby that wanted to cluster feed the first 4 weeks of his life, I dont know what I would have done!

So, let me give you a few encouraging words and different ways to make it through those first rough couple of weeks!

#1 – Know that you are AWESOME, you can do this, keep reminding yourself, and convince your loved ones to do the same. Remember, you have chosen to give your little liquid love and you’re rockin momma!

#2 – This is super important!!! Make sure your little is properly latched, and if you aren’t sure that you have it right, don’t be ashamed to get some help! It’s not like you gave birth to a baby and a user manual. There are nurses and lactation consultants that can help with this when your in the hospital!

#3 – If (when) you do get a bad latch or are struggling with cracked and bleeding nipples, make sure you have some lanolin handy. That stuff is awesome (and also great for chapped lips, butt rash, and cuticles)! Also anything cold on the boobies in-between feeding will help sooth those sore nips!

#4 – If you do become engorged or have a clogged duct(s), get in a warm shower, hand express, and massage those poor boobies. This will relive the pressure and “release the flood gates”, lol. This will also help feed your little one as much as possible. Why? Because when your baby sucks and eats, the pressure can help the clogged duct to become unclogged.

I have a ton more home remedies that can help with those first couple of weeks and everything that can happen. Dont be afraid to drop me a line if ever in doubt or need help! Remember “breast is best” and you are giving your child the absolute best! Keep at it when you make it through those first two weeks you’ll know that you can make it through anything!!!

Good luck fearless mommies!