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Baby Kungfoo, Boobtalk, and Tranquility!

Posted on Jul 20, 2014 by in Breast Feeding, First Baby | 0 comments


As I lay down tonight to nurse my little to sleep he is wound up tighter than a cork screw! It starts with a finger going in my mouth, and then my nose! Not to mention popping off the boob every 30 seconds to babble. Then we move on to kicking me in the stomach, and then biting the nipples (not ok)! So at this point I’m going crazy, saying come on boy just go to sleep already…then it dawned on me. Maybe he is having a hard time relaxing. I know he is tired but maybe it’s just taking a little longer to calm down. So, as I lay there getting man handled by my 5 month old, I decide to try singing to him. (if your not a singer play some soft music). Then he just starts singing/talking to the boob. Time for a different route… so I tell him, “Ok, here is your Lovey (security monkey head connected to a blanket), its time to settle down and go to sleep.” I start counting in a really soft voice (so he can only hear me if he is quiet) and I keep my tone really mellow. Whammy! He was calmed down and snuggled up by the time I counted to 32. Now he is all snuggled up drifting off to dreamland! So, if you are having a hard time some nights just getting the LO to settle down and relax, try these few trick. You never know, they just might work! Good night and I hope you dream of amazing things.