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15 Reasons Why DAD Is A Super Hero!!

Posted on Aug 1, 2014 by in Blended Family | 0 comments


super7He is the best when it comes to monkeying around. He is just he right amount of roughness not to rough that the chicken nuggets get hurt!
He is the best at playing superman! (tossing littles up in the air and catching them)
He always loves us more than we even know! (which is a lot)
He is one of the most understanding Daddy’s and Hubby’s we know.
He has loved us since day one
He can be super silly with all of us.
He takes time teach the littles!
He love my niece (soon to be his niece to) like she is his own.
He is the best at playing hot wheels and barbies at the same time. even if the barbie is a racer lol
he sings us silly song! (and writes them too)!
He lets mom choose outfits that match him for the kids.
He catches the little supper heroes as they jump into the pool.
He is the most amazing man and father I know.
He always makes time for us no matter what is going on or how crazy his day is!

So we really do have a super hero as a Dad, at least we think so!! We love you Papa Bear!! Love Momma Bear and Baby Bears!super6