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In The Beginning

Posted on Jul 5, 2014 by in Blended Family, First Baby | 0 comments

The Joy Of First Time Motherhood

In the beginning there was a girl (woman) who was pregnant, in love, and soon to be married in to a blended family. That’s me, and this is my blog to share my trials, troubles, tribulations, lessons, joys, and successes with other mom’s who are just fighting to stay fearless and survive.

Whether it’s your first baby or fifth, you have a spouse who came packaged with an ex and amazing (sometimes) step children, or you find yourself in unfamiliar waters, I hope I can help or at least listen.

This is my story of striving every day to be a fearless mommy who loves her children and her husband, tries to be her best for her family, and honors God!

So stay tuned and friend me on Facbook and other such amazing social nonsense. And, never forget, you are fiercely and wonderfully made!